Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Research Wall

        -- LATTICE --


Inspired originally by a photography project "Family stuff" by Huang Qingjun and Ma Hongjie. The project photographs the homes of 50 rural Chinese homes, taking all of their possessions from inside their house and placing it outside. While artist Huang is particularly interested in the social change that is becoming visible in daily life, photojournalist Ma is concerned with showing China from its authentic side, the reality of the country’s rural majority instead of the urban facades usually portrayed by the media. Above all, however, both artists want to document the profound transition China is undergoing. Nowhere else can this be observed more clearly than in the everyday life of normal families. Family is the central institution in the Confucian tradition; the family home represents identity rather than style. It is this rural way of life where home is a means of existence and livelihood that Huang and Ma sought to document and that has already been superseded by a more westernised, materialistic understanding in the cities. The times are changing... 
This collection combines elements from these rural Chinese villages and the traditional lattice design artwork with a more technical element, showing the social change taking place as modern culture seeps its way into these homes and families. Natural fabrics, hand dying and screen prints created the traditional element whilst laser etched prints on cotton drill and leather shows off the use of modern technology. Gradient effected on on the fabrics are a further emphasis on this change that is going on, with one colour slowly taking over the next. As a menswear collection is shows classic shapes whistle creating a whole new look with the colours, prints, function and detailing

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