Tuesday, 18 January 2011

'The Futurists Manifesto for Men's Clothing' ....(pt 1)

Whilst researching for my own collection I've been looking into 'The Futurists Manifesto for Men's Clothing' Their idea was to create clothes that were wearable works of art, they celebrated speed, machinery, violence youth and industry. Menswear need not be regimented my uniformity, harmony and symmetry- their concept was to create something that was dynamic, aggressive, shocking, energetic and illuminating. 
This bold manifesto is serving as an underlying concept for my own work so whilst i'm still in this key research stage I've been coming across designers that I feel have started to capture these ideas. I'll be putting up key images that will document the exploration into the depths of menswear. 
The first to be show is recent RCA graduate Bronwen Marshall's MA collection. It focuses on the anonymity and the sameness of bodies when driven by lusty desire. Another bold theme, but it has clearly been executed perfectly. There is a great use of colour, mixing bold colour and monocromes; there is also a really interesting use of contrasting textures.


  1. I agree, incredible shoot- much to aspire too!.. hopefully can create something as great with my own collection- fingers crossed! xx

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  3. LucyandBart: http://www.lucyandbart.blogspot.com/


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  4. amazing links! thanks! Will definitely post onwards :)