Sunday, 27 February 2011


Bell Soto is a photographer turned fashion film pioneer. He has worked on several personal projects as well as collaborations with VMAN, Jonas Akerland and New York Fashion week. I came across his recent film "autumn" and found it rather mesmerising. I  feel that film is a great way to show garments as sometimes certain elements, details or mood of a collection can be lost within a still photograph. In this film I particularly like the balance created between the man and woman. As boundaries between the genders become more and more blurred, its only fitting that we are starting to see how menswear and womenswear can be shown in harmony. 
 “Lately with the boom in digital media, photography has become more about specific backgrounds, Photoshop filters and recurrent themes. Agents also need to create a sellable product. With film I don’t feel the need to follow a style, it is more about a story and a feeling. And because it’s a long process from beginning to end, you always end up doing what is natural to you.” - Soto

Film by Bell Soto
Story: Lara Jensen/Bell Soto
Fashion Editor: Kenny Ho using Nicole Farhi
Hair: Takashi Sano @ Phamous
Makeup: Andriani Vasiliou @ Phamous
Models: Tom Lander, Jake Cooper and Sylvia Mann @ Select
Photo assistant: Yohanna Akladious
Styling Assistant: Marianna Mullings


House Of Holland A/W 2011 from TEST 


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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Akindofguise is a Munich based label that creates beautifully crafted clothes and particularly bags. I love their design ethos, clean cut, simple and high quality materials. The attention to detail and functional design features seem equally as important.

The brand is exclusively stocked at Wood Wood in Berlin, in line with the brand's insistence on ensuring that each product they release is done so in strictly limited numbers. The lack of availability only makes you want them more!
When researching into bags they are a great inspiration and their video to go along with the collection is also brilliant! ....

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Louise Gray ∆W11

As the shows keep rolling on through the week I have decided to pick up on a few that are related the ethos of PRINTEDM∆N... PRINTS!... now Louise Grays AW11 collection is pretty much an eclectic printed jungle- but somehow in her own unique way, it works... I like the idea that when showing her collections she layers everything up and combines it all to create these striking looks, but actually in general the garments on their own can be quite wearable and I would definitely not mind having a few of these pieces- maybe just not all at once! 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


To give print and printed garments new life, I'm looking at ways in which the prints can interact with each other through layered garments. The ideas can be expressed through this research image below. Even though every garment is printed and not even the same prints, the use of the matching layers and also the proportions of the garments in relationship to each other make them very refined and sophisticated. I look I think has become popular within the London menswear scene- there is a growing trend of clothes that fall in the grey area between formal and casual.

∆ntonio-∆zzuolo ∆W11

As the excitement for the release of the London Menswear collections next week, I thought it only appropriate to show some of the great work being produced on the other side of the pond. One collection that I found particularly interesting was Antonio Azzuolo. The collection was simple yet very sophisticated; He has a perfect mix of colour, print and detailing to keep the collection exciting without being over the top. Something that may look easy enough to do but is so hard to really get right! There is also a good use of layering, something I'm exploring for my own collection so this also served as a nice mid month inspiration piece....

Images courtesy of LeHype

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Street Specter....

The printed man moves from the catwalk to the streets with Specter; a Canadian street artists with a very in-depth concept behind his work. In a statement about his work he says, "The placement of my work aims to transform the viewer's understanding of the space through site-specific interventions that deconstruct preconceived perceptions. Unknowingly, the viewer's concept of the space changes, the substance of the installation dictates how a space is perceived. Subverting excepted notions of public ownership without compromise.... Understanding and relating to forgotten spaces and people required intensive research. I try and connect with my subject by interacting within these environments, sometimes putting myself in awkward circumstances in order to create a more sincere and genuine final product. Recent work combine painting and drawing using representational and figurative aesthetics" With an insight like that, he shows there is so much more to street art then reckless vandalism. Also the combination of art forms is something that is key to creating depth in your work and what will hopefully start to show in the prints for this collection. Looking at the examples below you can see a creative flare with amazing use of shapes and colours that make his work stand out; and although we've started to see a lot of this type of street art, I feel there is something a bit more special with Specter.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Bauhaus Illusion.....

In my ever-continuous research into geometric shapes and the different depths that can be created with them and within them, I came across these three images titled "The Bauhaus Illusion". Created by Tiziana Haug they show the sort of concepts I've been trying to create within my prints; a combination of geometry and photography to create something a little bit different....

Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Spray Way...

Spray on clothes is something that sits comfortably within retro sci-fi novels… or so we thought… thanks to a Spanish designer and a Professor of Particle Technology, it has now stepped into he realms of reality. Using an aerosol technology they have come up with a Fabrican Spray that can create clothes by simply spraying it onto the skin. The spray is made from small fibres blended with polymers that join the fibres together. A solvent is also present in the spray that releases the fabric in liquid, and disappears as soon as the spray touches the surface of the body. Fabric is formed by the cross linking of the fibres, creating a non-woven clothing. The web of the cloth is thin, but desired thickness can be brought in the garment by using multiple layers. As the fibres are created in a diffused form, other materials such as pigments or perfumes can also be added to it. The garments can even be washed and re-worn.
The possibilities of this invention are really endless and as we are in such a fast pace world it might prove to be something that is used more widely in years to come. Although my thoughts are garment design based, the technology has other useful applications such as medical dressings, bandages, hygiene wipes, air fresheners, upholstery fabrics for furniture, etc….. 


For the first 'First Thursday' of 2011 I attended the exhibition "Common Logic" at the IMT gallery (Image Music Text). The work of Rana Begum, Ian Monroe, Amy Stephens, Kate Terry and Amy Yoes shows an the exploration between the interwoven ideas of geometry, space and perception. As you walk around the room the different installation pieces work together to show illusionary shifts that make you question the difference between what we know and what we see. My particular favourite was the thread installation by Kate Terry (pictured below); At first you only notice the first set of threads but as you keep walking around more and more coloured threads start to become visible. 
I highly recommend making a trip to this little treasure of a exhibition, its on until the 20th of February...

Still from 'Reservoir" Amy Yoes

Thread Installation number 18- Kate Terry