Saturday, 5 February 2011


For the first 'First Thursday' of 2011 I attended the exhibition "Common Logic" at the IMT gallery (Image Music Text). The work of Rana Begum, Ian Monroe, Amy Stephens, Kate Terry and Amy Yoes shows an the exploration between the interwoven ideas of geometry, space and perception. As you walk around the room the different installation pieces work together to show illusionary shifts that make you question the difference between what we know and what we see. My particular favourite was the thread installation by Kate Terry (pictured below); At first you only notice the first set of threads but as you keep walking around more and more coloured threads start to become visible. 
I highly recommend making a trip to this little treasure of a exhibition, its on until the 20th of February...

Still from 'Reservoir" Amy Yoes

Thread Installation number 18- Kate Terry

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