Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Spray Way...

Spray on clothes is something that sits comfortably within retro sci-fi novels… or so we thought… thanks to a Spanish designer and a Professor of Particle Technology, it has now stepped into he realms of reality. Using an aerosol technology they have come up with a Fabrican Spray that can create clothes by simply spraying it onto the skin. The spray is made from small fibres blended with polymers that join the fibres together. A solvent is also present in the spray that releases the fabric in liquid, and disappears as soon as the spray touches the surface of the body. Fabric is formed by the cross linking of the fibres, creating a non-woven clothing. The web of the cloth is thin, but desired thickness can be brought in the garment by using multiple layers. As the fibres are created in a diffused form, other materials such as pigments or perfumes can also be added to it. The garments can even be washed and re-worn.
The possibilities of this invention are really endless and as we are in such a fast pace world it might prove to be something that is used more widely in years to come. Although my thoughts are garment design based, the technology has other useful applications such as medical dressings, bandages, hygiene wipes, air fresheners, upholstery fabrics for furniture, etc….. 

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