Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Street Specter....

The printed man moves from the catwalk to the streets with Specter; a Canadian street artists with a very in-depth concept behind his work. In a statement about his work he says, "The placement of my work aims to transform the viewer's understanding of the space through site-specific interventions that deconstruct preconceived perceptions. Unknowingly, the viewer's concept of the space changes, the substance of the installation dictates how a space is perceived. Subverting excepted notions of public ownership without compromise.... Understanding and relating to forgotten spaces and people required intensive research. I try and connect with my subject by interacting within these environments, sometimes putting myself in awkward circumstances in order to create a more sincere and genuine final product. Recent work combine painting and drawing using representational and figurative aesthetics" With an insight like that, he shows there is so much more to street art then reckless vandalism. Also the combination of art forms is something that is key to creating depth in your work and what will hopefully start to show in the prints for this collection. Looking at the examples below you can see a creative flare with amazing use of shapes and colours that make his work stand out; and although we've started to see a lot of this type of street art, I feel there is something a bit more special with Specter.

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