Friday, 15 April 2011


When I started the research for my graduate collection, I found that I was all over the place and had far to much imagery and too many ideas- In a bid to organise my head I sorted everything into "Now" and "Future" research folders. Now that the "Now" section is well under way as a collection, I had a look through my future folder and got quite excited at the prospect of future collections. Here is a series of pictures from The NON AW/10 "Golden Dawn" collection. Inspired by the magical order that was founded in Britain in the late 1880's and the occultism and secret societies that existed at the time. The garments bring together a variety of recontextualize styles and culminates in an eclectic mix of shape, pattern and materials. With a luxurious flare; velvets and subtle details promote an English eccentricity that is exacerbated through the addition of monogrammed slippers, bow-ties and oversized capes. I find the shapes particularly inspiring because they are simple enough to be translated into a printed collection without becoming an over designed mess....

Images courtesy of Trendland

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