Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Lately I've been associating with a lot of work to do with film, both with my own films as well as the exciting projects that people are working on around me.... Film is something that I'd say is relatively new to me, partly due to my strange childhood where I insisted on watching nothing but 'Star Wars' and 'Three Men and a Baby'. Now that I have started to branch out and explore the amazing world of film, I've found it to be a great source of inspiration. Both of my final year collections had an aspect of film inspiration  and now that I have graduated from the sketchbook guidelines of university, I feel that my new collection can be based more heavily on moving images. 

I came across this music video for the New Villagers song 'Lighthouse'...  the costumes, colours, prints, textures... its all just pretty amazing. I feel that using film as a foundation for my prints should give them a new dimension and hopefully see a great progression from my graduate collection!..

Director: Ben Dickinson
Cinematographer: Adam Newport-Berra
Editor: Isaac Royffe
Costumes: Judge Dylan
Concept: NewVillage

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