Thursday, 11 August 2011



July saw the launch of the rucksack diffusion line for the Fashion on the Lock stall in collaboration with Isolated Heroes. This was an extremely successful venture and almost all the original set of bags have sold out... but don’t worry there are a few more being made to go on sale very very soon!
These new bags will also included a very special personalised bag to say thank you to Emma Noble for creating this magnificent video to promote the collection! The video creates a great mood for the designs and emphasises my vision of effectiveness through simplicity. 
Emma is an invaluable contact to have especially in the growing market of fashion films. She has an amazing natural talent for editing and we see this over and over again in the films she has created. She has been working a lot with emerging designers giving them the needed platform to get their work noticed. She has recently joined the Shaded View of Fashion team, run by Diane Perrnet a leading figure in the fashion film business.
Some of Emma’s other amazing videos can be seen below and for more information you can visit her website!

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