Thursday, 15 September 2011


"Everybody was going crazy this summer with the heat wave. We were all in the studio, and I just decided to go with it. It's Andy Warhol's superstars go to Coney Island, with a nod to candy kids."

Although I mainly was interested in the menswear collections from New York Fashion Week, one womenswear collection really caught my eye, and even though its womenswear it still fits in with the PRINTEDM∆N concept....this was of course the Chris Benz presentation at Avery Fisher Hall. The collection, with the inspiration taken from his above quote- creates quite a statement for itself. I really like the strong colours and the clever mixes of prints. I like that the garment shapes have been kept quite simple leaving the focus on the prints, textures and detailing- my favourite things! I also think this is another example of a great use of a presentation, the collection is shown off beautifully and the viewer is really given the chance to look at the garments carefully, actually getting to appreciate the detailing.

Thats enough, the collection speaks for itself here it is....

(source & nicolette mason)

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