Friday, 14 October 2011


I entered the label into a great competition being run by! I'm super excited about it because they are another great company that is out to help new and young designers. When your just starting out, everything can seem so daunting and just pretty impossible.. so opportunities like this are really invaluable  After day one we seem to be doing pretty well and there are some good opportunities in the pipeline for stocking the new collection in their online shop... to overall things are very exciting. The competition closes on the 30th of November and the top 100 designers will be presented to the panel... 
There is a great presence from the Middlesex 2011 graduating class and I'm so glad to see everyone doing so well... check out everyone profile on the website- and most importantly just VOTE VOTE VOTE...
it only take a minute and you can register through facebook making it even faster. If you just click on the hearts that are on the collection images then you will be automatically added to the list of supporters!!



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  1. Hope you win, this collection was gold. When is this going to be in stores and where? I'll have to try a find some cash to buy that brilliant jacket